First post after Hello World!

I’m not completely convinced I’ve done the Hello World post properly because I wrote it a couple of days ago and it’s showing as having been written in May but I guess that doesn’t really matter.

Our dream of moving abroad as ex pats moved a little closer today when my husband did a deal with his firm – still only verbal so it could of course go pear shaped but we’re one step closer.

Over the next few posts I’m going to share my thoughts, history, expectations, concerns and excitement – highs and lows – as the experience of moving to Vietnam next year slowly comes to fruition.

I’ll also talk about my expectations regarding the experience of being an ex pat wife and again, a bit of background into my own personal history in this regard.

Before I go, just let me say, we are both 50 somethings who are ready to have an adventure before we’re too old/tired.  Or we’re in the midst of a mid-life crisis – depending how you look at it!

So, until next time,


About Karen Ormiston

After a whirlwind of new experiences, challenges and adventures 2.5 years after moving to Hanoi, Vietnam, we found ourselves footloose and fancy free with relatively few ties to any particular place. Hubby is only semi working and mine is portable so location is not an issue. Our kids have scattered far and wide and parents who are still alive enjoy support when available but not ready for anything intensive. So we are in a strange and unusual place - young, fit and healthy with no strong links to any particular community. The time was right to spend 6 months in Miskin, near Cardiff, exploring my heritage and tracing family before moving to the stunning town of Vejer de la Frontera at the beginning of 2015 to embark on the next stage of life's great adventure.

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  1. Hi, I clicked on your site from Our Man in Hanoi’s site. I lived in Hanoi 3 years and am sure you will love it. Just a word to the wise, take good care of your lively dog and don’t let him out of the garden alone. Hanoians hold a different appreciation for dogs unfortunately 😦 Good luck and happy blogging

  2. Thanks so much Lani. Yes, I’ve heard words of caution regarding the dog – she is pretty lively. We never let her out on her own, except in the garden, but will be extra careful when choosing a house that the garden is secure and she isn’t too visible because she does attract attention being a racing dog.
    Glad you enjoyed Hanoi. We’re both excited and a bit daunted but still – life’s for living eh!
    Thanks again.

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