Monthly Archives: October 2011

All change

Having gone round the entire house deciding what to ship, store, donate and throw away we’ve now changed our minds about how much of our own furniture we actually want in Vietnam.  Well, to be more accurate, we’ve thought a little more carefully about what we are going to do post-Vietnam which affects which pieces of furniture we might want to leave behind here in storage.

Who knows what the future actually has in store for us but, as best we can we have a plan and a vision as to how/where we’ll live after a few years of adventure.  So, back to the drawing board and re-quote everything we thought we’d agreed.

At this rate it’s going to be March 2013 before we move!!!

I’ve already mentioned that Kevin’s partner is coming for the week end and to show what committed hosts we are we spent Saturday evening last week end testing out fish & chip shops.  I’m incredibly fussy about them – the batter must be not too thick, crispy and still hot when I eat it.  Likewise the chips – a good proportion of them need to be small, thin’ish and crispy.  So, it’s with great relief that I’m able to report that The Lighthouse Fish Bar near Brooklands, Sale, Cheshire is ace.  Phew, let’s hope J-M likes them!

Where have I been, where am I?

No blog post for a month, crikey, doesn’t time fly!  I mentioned starting the CELTA training at Manchester Academy of English and I confess that it’s thrown everything else out far more than I’d expected.

Two assignments handed in and four teaching sessions completed at Intermediate level – so far so good!  Next week our group changes to teaching Elementary level and all the old gremlins reappear – how do I talk to students without going over their heads or patronising them?  Will they understand the tasks I set?  Will the tasks be appropriate …..  However, experience now tells me that it will all be fine and I’ll tackle each hurdle as it appears and not before.

On the home front things are moving rapidly.  We’ve applied for our Visas and started to get all the medical jabs needed – off for a Rabies injection later today.  The house looks absolutely no different to the unqualified eye despite box loads of books and other items being given to charity shops and other new homes.  I expected to see a few blank spaces around the house by now but no, nada, it’s as full as ever before.  Teacher’s Note:  Must try harder!!!

We have Kevin’s partner from HCMC coming to stay next week end and really excited about introducing him to all our kids (all bar one who is away studying at the University of Sussex) and showing him some of the delights of Manchester.

Back to work and I’ll be back soon – I promise 🙂