TET Fever

Well, I’m not sure about the fever bit but from this distance the whole Vietnamese new lunar year is very confusing.  I guess it’s one of those where you really have to be there to understand it.

I thought it was one week long celebration with festivities and a carnival like atmosphere everywhere.  Reading Twitter posts and chatting virtually to a couple of friends out there – both expat and local – it seems that actually everything shuts down and the best way to enjoy Tet is to go away!

Next year I guess I’ll ‘get’ it a bit better.  Or will I?!

About Karen Ormiston

After a whirlwind of new experiences, challenges and adventures 2.5 years after moving to Hanoi, Vietnam, we found ourselves footloose and fancy free with relatively few ties to any particular place. Hubby is only semi working and mine is portable so location is not an issue. Our kids have scattered far and wide and parents who are still alive enjoy support when available but not ready for anything intensive. So we are in a strange and unusual place - young, fit and healthy with no strong links to any particular community. The time was right to spend 6 months in Miskin, near Cardiff, exploring my heritage and tracing family before moving to the stunning town of Vejer de la Frontera at the beginning of 2015 to embark on the next stage of life's great adventure.

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  1. I think it’s probably worth spending at least one Tet in Vietnam. It’s mad on the run up but then beautifully quiet. After that it’s lovely and quiet for a week although there isn’t much to do with many places closing. So you just stock up and ride it out.

    Bit like Christmas really.

    But it’s holiday – so always good to take a chance to visit somewhere new.

  2. Hello, I see that you are moving to Hanoi with a lurcher/whippet. We brought our dog from Sudan and she has settled in very well here. Places to run off the leash are pretty non-existent, although the American Rec site has begun a system of letting dogs in on a Sunday or Saturday morning due to the DHM having two greyhounds. I will try to find out more info and perhaps our dogs can meet when you get here. There are also quite a few of decent parks (Lenin Park) where my dog gets a decent frolic on a long flexi lead. The emptiness of Hanoi at Tet makes it a great time to go on lots of walks around the city. If you would like to see more photos of Hanoi, my dog, and some of the lead up to Tet please look at my blog:


    I hope the move goes well!

    • Great to hear from you – is your name Jura? Apologies if not, if it is wow, that’s a fab name! Really pleased to hear your dog settled in well. Where do you live in Hanoi? We’re thinking maybe Ciputra as it’s safer for the dog?
      I’ll definitely be finding the American Rec site – week end playing and running with other dogs – perfect!. Sally is an absolute delight but not keen on being on a lead or other dogs on leads so not sure how we’ll handle that – let’s get there first eh!
      We have a flexi lead so that’s one thing off the list.
      Right, off to look at your blog. Thanks for connecting and I’m really looking forward to meeting and doggie socialising! What breed is yours? Might find out on your blog!

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