Where do I begin, to tell a story of how great a love can be …

Having been in Hanoi since Saturday (at silly o’clock in the morning) today is the first day I’m on my own as hubby has gone off to the office. It felt like sending your kids off for the first day at school and hoping they don’t bully, get bullied, that they make friends and enjoy themselves, but not so much that they don’t wan to come home!

My head is buzzing and I want to do everything at once but also want to stop and savour every experience as I never want to forget the feeling of being completely dispensable to a place. I don’t have a circle here that I belong to – no friends, relatives or acquaintances that I need to interact with. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love having a strong set of relationships with those around me but this feeling is very alien just now – my phone has barely rung for days and I keep checking it still works!

There’s so much I want to write about that I don’t know where to start. I’m going to begin by admitting that although I’ve taken some photos I haven’t worked out how to get them off my lovely new iPhone4S and onto the computer. Perhaps that would be a good place to start!

Okay, off to upload photos (remember that confidence as it might well be misplaced!) whilst listening to my wonderful compatriot, Miss Shirley Bassey singing the theme from Love Story, hence the title of this post 🙂

About Karen Ormiston

After a whirlwind of new experiences, challenges and adventures 2.5 years after moving to Hanoi, Vietnam, we found ourselves footloose and fancy free with relatively few ties to any particular place. Hubby is only semi working and mine is portable so location is not an issue. Our kids have scattered far and wide and parents who are still alive enjoy support when available but not ready for anything intensive. So we are in a strange and unusual place - young, fit and healthy with no strong links to any particular community. The time was right to spend 6 months in Miskin, near Cardiff, exploring my heritage and tracing family before moving to the stunning town of Vejer de la Frontera at the beginning of 2015 to embark on the next stage of life's great adventure.

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  1. Steve Jackson

    Good luck. I recall somebody saying at freshers week in college that you’ll make friends easily then spend the rest of the first term trying to get away from them. It can be a bit like that. But in time you’ll find your own crowd.

    My only advice is while you’re under employed take the chance to walk around Hoan Kiem lake, explore the markets and the Old Quarter and try the streetfood etc. Later when you’re busy you might not be able to find the time and you’ll miss what makes the city unique. I seem to so rarely see all that stuff these days but whenever I do it recharges the batteries. Plus, in between the cold and damp of winter and the heat of summer there’ll be a small window where you can walk around without dissolving into a sweaty pulp.

  2. Hello – Welcome to Hanoi, I agree with Steve – try to walk around as much as possible before it becomes super hot! Is your dog here yet? Do get in touch if you ever want to meet up and go for a walk, perhaps to Reunification/Lenin Park. Good luck!

    • Thanks, I definitely will be up for a walk together and hope the dogs get along – Sally usually isn’t great when she’s on a lead or another dog is but since being here she’s been too timid to bark back, given time I expect she will again!!!! My son is here for another week so busy juggling work and showing him around as best as I can. Once he’s gone though I’ll defintely be up for a get together! I met Steve at Cart Food in Ngi Tam as we were paying our bill the other day when he called by so that was great. My name is Karen (not sure if you already knew that?!) by the way and my number is: 0121 909 3378 Smiles, Karen

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